Beth Seifert.JPGBeth

Beth became a member of DAR in October 2010. Before long, she was a member of the executive board as the vice regent in Nevada Sagebrush Chapter. In 2014, she helped organize the Sierra Nevada Chapter NSDAR and was organizing vice regent. In August 2015, she assumed the position of regent for the growing chapter until May 2018. She has served in numerous chapter committees involving veterans and patriotism. On the state level, she has been State National Defense Chair, Membership Co-Chair, DAR Museum Outreach and CDRC Co-Chair. She is a member of the Guest Hospitality Congressional Committee and currently serves as Vice Co-Chair.

Beth spends her time working, helping her sons through school, and yearly camping trips to Mendocino for abalone. Her hobbies include genealogy, traveling, quilting, camping and helping others.

She joined the DAR for the joy of tracing her family lineage and giving back to veterans through a women’s organization. She also enjoys meeting women with the same common interests.