Margaret (Meg)

Meg is the Chapter Regent for the Sierra Nevada Chapter.  She joined the NSDAR Sierra Nevada Chapter in 2019.  She has participated in many projects for the chapter and has held the office of Recording Secretary for the Chapter from 2020-2022.  She was the Chapter Chairman for Women’s Issues in 2020 and the Chapter Chairman for Patriot Records Project for 2021-2022 and has indexed over 35,000 names for the project.  She has also held the position of State Chairman for the Patriot Records Project from 2020 through 2022.  She is currently assigned by our State Regent as the State Chairman for the Membership Committee and for the State Commemorative Events Committee. 

Meg’s love for DAR stems back through many roots in her family who were also members, and with our Chapter Registrar’s help, she has currently proven over 7 patriot ancestors.  Her commitment to the Chapter is to lead with a kind heart and an ear to listen. She believes in the incredible women of the Sierra Nevada Chapter and will provide their voice, when needed, at State and National NSDAR events. She leads with focus on DAR values of Patriotism, Education and Historic Preservation and believes strongly in her team’s capabilities and supports them whenever necessary.

“Great leaders are not the best at everything.  They find people who are the best at different things and get them all on the same team.”