Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.27.29 PMDoris

Doris became a member of DAR in March 2018.  Her daughter Melanie and granddaughter Megan both became members in November 2018.  Doris has always been interested in her family history after some research showed her ancestors had been in America for a few hundred years.  Finding ancestors from the Revolutionary inspired Doris to join DAR.  Doris is very proud of her early American heritage and her ancestor’s devotion to fighting for their country.  She is very proud to have numerous patriots and looks forward to proving them and learn more of their lives.

Doris’s father was a WWII veteran, and her brother a Vietnam War veteran.  Both were members of the U.S. Army.  Doris also has a grandson in the U.S. Navy serving in the middle east.  Listening to their stories has inspired her interest in showing veterans respect and ensuring their needs are met.

Doris is now vice regent for our chapter and looks forward to being involved in the programs and welcoming new members.  Doris also looks forward to learning more about DAR, its history and mission.

Doris is also active in other organizations that promote education for women and promoting her love of quilting.   She is a member of QOV (Quilts of Valor) and finds it very rewarding to make quilts for the many veterans. Doris enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and many hours of quilting.

Doris is the state Chair for the American Heritage Program and is partial to the program for showing the many ways our American Heritage is portrayed and through women’s arts.  She is looking forward to giving her time to the DAR programs and learning more about the organization.