Linda became a DAR member in April 2017. Joining the DAR was a loving tribute to her dear father’s heritage. Linda’s brother and her husband are also members of the Sons of the American Revolution. Linda is so proud to have researched and proven patriots in both her and her husband’s lineages.

Linda is dedicated to serving veterans, as her father was a WWII veteran and her brother is a veteran and officer of both the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.  Both were members of the United States Armed Forces. Prior to Linda joining this chapter, she was a member of another chapter where she served as the chairman for the veteran’s committee. Linda is now vice regent for our chapter and looks forward to being actively involved with the excellent programs our chapter will be executing in 2019.

Linda is active in the DAR and enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, and genealogy research.

Linda welcomes and encourages potential new members to experience the pride and comradery of being with women who understand the significance of honoring our ancestors who contributed to the establishment of this wonderful country, the United States of America.